Global economies change.
Our commitment doesn’t.
Hexxcom: International government affairs & corporate relations consultants committed to the design and delivery of strategic business solutions for clients in India and other emerging markets; clients utilise our superior knowledge, resources and expertise across a broad spectrum of regions & industries.

protect your business

Identify Risks and Opportunities... We gather the best intelligence and advice at a time when the global economy offers opportunities as never before, but also at a time when understanding real risks is paramount.

Connect Your Business

Making Connections... Risks and opportunities can only be realised with effective communication. Clients benefit from our strength in understanding and connecting with the system as it exists from the ground through all levels.

build your business

Building Relationships... Productive relationships are based on eduring trust; and sustainable reputations are built on real achievement and actions, not words. We connect strategy with effective communication and clients' with stakeholders.