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Indian Army Disapproves FMS Deals with United States

Subscribe to Hexxcom’s RSS feed to get the latest Updates. Thanks for visiting!India Defence Online, New Delhi – In a startling turnaround of attitude coupled with growing dissent over the FMS (foreign military sales) purchases that India has been pursuing with the US, the Indian Army has cautioned the Indian Defence Ministry that it will [...]

NSE Offer Short Selling System

India’s largest stock exchange the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., will offer a new short sales system in the coming weeks. National Stock Exchange of India currently have Goldman Sachs Group and Temasek Holdings Pte as shareholders, has said the need to introduce a new system is a necessary platform to serve the growing [...]

DRDO Calls for Reduce of Defence Imports

India Defence Online, New Delhi – India’s Defence Scientist’s Fraternity has appealed to the three defence services to overcome their temptation to induct the latest weaponry from abroad and the premier defence R&D organisation alone. Addressing the DRDO Technology Day Awards function in New Delhi on May 26th, the chief of the Defence Research and [...]

India Becomes UAE’s Largest Trade Partner

2009 saw India become the UAE’s largest trading partner overtaking China, and accounting for nearly 15% of the UAE’s total commercial exchanges. This trade between India and UAE reached its highest ever figure at 118 billion Dirhams ($32 billion).

Government Moots Defence Technology Road

India Defence Online, New Delhi — The Indian Defence Ministry is chalking out the roadmap for the Indian Defence Forces and will be laying emphasis on defence technology in the area of weaponry, combat vehicles and air defence. The Indian Defence Ministry has corroborated these measures in its paper called ‘Technology Perspective and Capability Road [...]