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India Leads the Way in Global Consumer Confidence

Subscribe to Hexxcom’s RSS feed to get the latest Updates. Thanks for visiting!India is leading the way in consumer confidence according to the latest study from the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index for Q1 2010. While all regions saw improvements, the global pace of recovery has been faster in Asia Pacific with consumer sentiment highest [...]

Geithner Sees Opportunities For US Firms in India

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday. Geithner also held meetings with Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee followed by a press conference . The formal aim of the visit was to launch the U.S.-India Economic and Financial Partnership, which will feature annual meetings among Cabinet officials and regular working [...]

India – Key Political Risks to Watch.

There is a sense of disappointment amongst investors in India. Following the strong mandate won by the Congress-led government in elections last year investors were hoping for swift economic reforms in India but the government has been slow, or more importantly wary, in pushing through controversial measures. With the government now struggling with rising inflation [...]

New Foreign Investment Policy Document Launched by Indian Government

The Indian government, in a bid to consolidate the over-abundance of rules and regulations that govern foreign investment into the country, has launched a comprehensive new policy document to make all FDI policy information available in one place. In a move that would provide foreign investors and sector regulators with a clearer understanding of foreign [...]

India Defence Industry – Friday Update

Image via Wikipedia India’s defence and homeland security industry is a burgeoning market that’s always buzzing with procurement news of interest to companies all over the world. We’ve found a credible resource, India Defence Online, that seem to have their finger on the pulse of the industry. Here’s a head’s up on this weeks India [...]