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India Core Infrastructure Industries Up 7.6%

Subscribe to Hexxcom’s RSS feed to get the latest Updates. Thanks for visiting!The infrastructure industries in India grew at the fastest rate during the five months to March at 7.6%.

India Infrastructure Sector Increases by 7%

The infrastructure sector in India grew by 7% in October 2010, an increase of 3.1% compared to the same period during 2009. The core industries; cement, coal, crude oil, electricity, finished steel and petroleum refinery products had increased by 2.7% for September. Both these increases are expected to have a positive effect on the Index [...]

Blackstone To Invest $3bn Into India

Blackstone Group L.P. is set to double its India investments to $2 billion-$3 billion over the next five years.The investments are likely to be focused on the infrastructure the consumer sectors, whilst $1billion may to towards power generation.

Increase in Indian Infrastructure Investments

According to a study by the Reserve Bank of India, total investments in infrastructure projects was reported at 53% higher than the costs of all projects in FY10, compared to 45% in FY09 in the sectors including power, telecom, metal and metal products, construction & mining. Total investments in FY10 were at Rs 2,95,805 crore [...]

$11bn Infrastructure Fund Planned for India

The Bloomberg Business Week reports of large infrastructure funds planned for India. India is planning to improve its growth rates to 10% by raising funds for an $11bn infrastructure fund. The fund will help to build roads, ports and bridges needed to drive economic growth. The Government is expected to raise funds by taping the [...]