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Trade Ties to Enchance Between India and Ghana

Subscribe to Hexxcom’s RSS feed to get the latest Updates. Thanks for visiting!The Indian Commerce and Industry Minister, Anand Sharma has highlighted the importance of advancing bilateral trade between India and Ghana, whilst on his visit to the African nation. Mr Sharma is currently in Ghana in order to discuss issues related to trade and [...]

Large Investments in India Petrochemical Sector

The petrochemical sector in India has just been approved an investment worth Rs 1,54.512 crore from the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers in three regions under the PCPIR (petroleum chemicals and petrochemicals investment regions) policy.

India’s Natural Gas Demand Increases

The Indian natural gas industry is committed to create infrastructure, involving a phase of high investment, to handle the volumes produced due to rising demand and the domestic availablity of natural gas. India’s natural gas availability saw an increase of more than 50 per cent in the last 10 months. A joint-venture, to develop the [...]