Change in Inter-State Norms for Renewable Power

By admin • September 8th, 2010

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In an attempt to make hydro-electric power stations and other renewable energy based power generation easier and more available to connect to the grid, the Central Regulatory Commission (CERC) has changed some important regulatory initiatives.

The threshold capacity for connecting inter-state grid is will stay at its current 250 Mw for thermal power, but the threshold for hydropower generating stations and other sources of power generation through the use of renewable energy has been reduced by 50 Mw.

Another important regulatory change has been made to allow the connection to inter-state grid to renewable energy source power station such as hydropower-generating stations which have an individually installed capacity of less than 50 Mw, but reach the Power Grid Corp (the central transmission utility) with a combined installed capacity of 50 Mw and above. This allows 2 different stations to connect if collectively the produce over 50 Mw.

Currently only 10% of India’s 150,000 Mw grid connected energy is derived from renewable energy sources and the CERC is hoping this change in the regulatory initiative will help to increase this percentage.

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