Hexxcom Capital Partners


Hexxcom Capital Partners is a privately-owned company offering a full range of corporate finance services to small and medium sized businesses, both quoted and unquoted, in Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Hexxcom’s mission is, firstly, to assist its corporate clients in the financing and the development of their business, and secondly to provide corporate finance advice to institutional shareholders with the objective of optimising the structure and the value of their assets.


Hexxcom provides advice in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, in the Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and North American markets, whether directly in any one of these markets or cross-border. The Company’s services include the appraisal of potential acquisitions or divestitures and a review of the strategy to be followed, including an analysis of the relevant fiscal and legal implications. Hexxcom provides a valuation both of potential acquisitions and of business(es) to be divested and provides full assistance and advice in all stages of the negotiations. Hexxcom provides advice in the structuring and negotiation of leveraged buy-outs and/or buy-ins.


Hexxcom arranges financing for clients in the form of private placements of equity capital, as well as debt instruments of all types. The Company’s services include an analysis of the most appropriate type of financing, preparation of the relevant documentation and negotiation with potential investors and lenders, and where appropriate, with any statutory authority.


Hexxcom provides advice and assistance in arranging listings for its clients on the London stock markets, and on the principal European, Asian and North American stock exchanges. Such listings can take the form both of Initial Public Offerings (« IPOs ») and/or of secondary offerings. Hexxcom advises the client on the appropriate structure for the listing ; draws up and negotiates the relevant documentation with the appropriate statutory authorities ; and assists the client and their outside professional advisers on the different legal and fiscal implications of a listing. Hexxcom also assists the client in selecting a financial communications firm to prepare the client for the traditional « road-shows » and other meetings with analysts, journalists and investors prior to the listing.

Finally, Hexxcom assists the client in selecting an appropriate stockbroker and/or underwriting bank or financial institution to sponsor the listing and assists in and advises on the determination with the sponsoring institution of the terms and conditions of the listing including, most importantly, the fixing of the offering price at which the shares will be listed and as appropriate the terms and conditions of the intervention of the sponsoring institution as market-maker.


Hexxcom can arrange bank financing on behalf of clients, as part of the Company’s corporate finance services. Such facilities are established on terms and conditions prevailing in the international financial markets at the time of the borrowing. Hexxcom’s role in such financings is to represent the interests of its clients in ensuring the best terms and conditions with regard to each specific financing.


The Company arranges development and venture capital through a number of institutional lenders and investors with whom the Company has an historical relationship. The Company’s role is to ensure the best possible terms and conditions for its clients in the light of each particular case.


Hexxcom provides financial advisory services to its clients in a number of areas. Typically such services include advice with regard to restructuring of debt, project analysis, project finance and general advisory services in connection with optimising the structure of the client’s balance sheet. Such services are normally provided for a finite duration in connection with a specific project or on a monthly basis under an overall contract.

Separately, Hexxcom provides advice on early stage ventures, including the drawing up of business plans, and identifying and negotiating with potential investors and/or lenders. Hexxcom can, where appropriate, provide professional management assistance to the founding shareholders pending the recruiting of an appropriate management team and thus assist the growth and development of the company.


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