IAF Awards Sensor Fused Weapons Contract to Textron

By admin • December 13th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi – The latest development in the Indo-US defence dealings has been clearing the sale of the CBU-105 sensor fused weapon to India from the US. The sale of 510 CBU-105 sensor fused weapons will fall under the Foreign Ministry Sales (FMS) route and the contract goes to Textron Systems Corporation.

The current deal for the cluster bomb unit (CBU) sensor fused weapon is the outcome of the initiative that India took in 2008 when it requested the US to supply over 500 sensor fused bombs, 19 CBU-105 integration test assets and other associated equipment. As of now, the Indian Air Force (IAF) can boast of acquiring one of the most powerful weapons whose technology has been accessible only to close US allies. This intelligent anti-tank weapon is set to enhance India’s striking capabilities

The 510 CBU-105 sensor fused weapons from US will be a contract worth $375 million to the Indian firm Textron Systems. The CBU-97 is a Sensor Fused 1,000 pound class non-guided CBU. The CBU-105 sensor fused weapon releases computer controlled and radar equipped sub-munitions that tracks tanks and destroys them. It can be used to attack formations of tanks or armoured vehicles and when dropped on an airfield it can cause major damage to the parked aircraft and runway.

Another salient feature of the half-ton CBU-105 is that it carries ten sub-munitions. Each sub-munition uses a parachute to slowly descend and seek out armoured vehicles or tanks. Once spotted, the guidance system manoeuvres the sub-munition towards the vehicle and fires a shaped charge that is basically a bolt of molten metal travelling at high speed which penetrates the top armour of the vehicle damaging the insides. If a tank or armoured vehicle is not spotted, it attacks any vehicle within a hundred meter radius or detonates in the ground. The IAF will probably launch these sensor fused weapons from the Su-30 MKI.

Although the CBU-105 is considered the world’s smartest cluster bomb, the only downside is that of the collateral damage cluster bombs are known to cause. However, it is argued that the bomb is really smart because if a CBU-105 fails to locate its target, it self destructs.

Source: India Defence Online


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