India Can Be Key Hub for Wind Turbines

By admin • October 28th, 2010

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With alternative energy one of the countries integral subjects, India has the potential to become ‘the’ major manufacturing hub of wind turbines. Currently the country has an installed wind generating capacity of 12,800 MW and the 17 manufacturers in India have a combine annual production capacity of 7,500 MW.

The Indian Wind Energy sector is set to grow further with nine new companies expected to join the market within the next two years. If the market does grow as expected the annual wind turbine manufacturing capacity would be over 17,000 MW by 2013. Estimates by the Global Wing Energy Council say India can reach an installed wind capacity of 65,000 MW in the next 10 years.

A note prepared for Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010, which started today, said Indian companies are exporting wind turbines and turbine blades to Europe, the US, Australia, China and Brazil. In addition some of the foreign companies with subsidiaries in India are sourcing over 80% of their components from Indian component manufacturers.

Measures are being taken to insure the growth of alternative energy in India including renewable energy certificates and a possible renewable energy law to help the industry fulfil its potential.

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