India Defence Industry – Friday Update

By admin • March 26th, 2010

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Indian Army men during exercise
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India’s defence and homeland security industry is a burgeoning market that’s always buzzing with procurement news of interest to companies all over the world. We’ve found a credible resource, India Defence Online, that seem to have their finger on the pulse of the industry.

Here’s a head’s up on this weeks India defence and homeland security sectors:

Indian Navy to Carry Out Survey for Mauritius

The Indian Navy has decided to help Mauritius in becoming a global database hub, by offering to help with a unique green technology to prevent its huge servers to host data from overheating.

MOD Questions Infantry’s Procurement Projects

The increasing number of fast-track purchases for the Indian Army has triggered off suspicions of foul-play since competitive bidding and tenders are being scrapped, and a possibility has arisen that decisions were being manipulated.

Indian Navy to Lease out Russian Nuclear Sub

During the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s visit to India last fortnight, a crucial agreement on the leasing of the K-152 Nerpa submarine was finalised.

India Gets 2nd Ranking in Arms Imports

With rapid defence acquisitions from the international arms market, India is well on its way to become the leading arms buyer in the next five years.

Govt Nominated BEML for Assault Bridge Project

The Indian Defence Ministry is once again slated to favour the defence public sector units (DPSUs) in a contract for the building of the assault bridge “Sarvatra”, and sideline the private Indian players for the same.

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