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By admin • May 4th, 2010

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India defence online reports on the latest Indian defence news. We have given a brief synopsis of each news article and you can read the rest at India defence online:

Indian Navy Kickstarts LUH Programme

The Indian Navy has started the process of acquiring new Light Utility Helicopters (LUH) for its fleet to replace the largely obsolescent fleet of ‘Chetak’ helicopters. The new fleet of ALH will increase the Indian Navy’s capability to step-up surveillance activities, search and rescue missions and casualty evacuation besides other crucial military activities.

According to the Request for Information (RFI) issued by the Indian Navy, the LUH must be a twin engine helicopter and should be operated by two pilots although it must be fully capable of single pilot operations as well.

Read the rest of the article on India defence online: Indian Navy Kickstarts LUH Programme.

MPs Worried Over IAF’s Obselete Radar Assets

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has recently been accused of a lack of surveillance radars and their obsolescence, which can amount to serious lapses in terms of national security. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has noted that the IAF possesses less than the adequate number of surveillance radars needed for providing reliable detection.

According to the report tabled by the PAC in the Indian Parliament, even though several contracts have been signed, the Indian Defence ministry and the IAF remain unbeknownst of their eventual commissioning and delivery dates. The PAC has insisted the speeding up of the commissioning and installation of medium power radars and low-level transportable radars, and the completion of associated civil and development projects be speeded up to substantiate air defence assets of the country.

Read the rest of the article on India defence online: MPs Worried Over IAF’s Obselete Radar Assets.

MMRCA Project to be Delayed

The delay in the field trials for the multi-billion dollar contract of 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) for the Indian Air Force (IAF) has caused another turnaround of affairs for the international majors. Due to the incompletion of the field trials, the global firms vying for the MMRCA deal will either need to extend the validity of their commercial bids submitted over two years ago or formulate fresh proposals.

The original validity of the commercial proposals handed over by the global majors lasted for 24 months which ends this month. Since the proposals were handed over by the global bidders in April 2008, their validity will expire this week. According to sources, the backlash of this to the Indian government will be a possible hike in the value of the MMRCA contract.

Read the rest of the article on India defence online: MMRCA Project to be Delayed.

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