India Moots Cyber Warfare Policy

By admin • August 11th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi – As fear mounts on the Indian government over the issue of spying by neighbouring countries; the government has proposed the hiring of Information Technology (IT) workers and ethical hackers, heralding itself to the era of cyber war.

The Indian government will ensure that these ethical “hackers” will use their proficiency to break through the security codes of the enemy’s systems. The IT workers who will involve themselves in this project will get protection from law.

As per the proposal, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) along with Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) will be responsible for creating cyber-offensive capabilities. The NTRO is used to gather technical intelligence, while the DIA compare inputs from the Navy, Army and Air Force. The NTRO will also suggest measures to ensure legal protection to recruits besides accumulating intelligence.

India is well on its way towards “ethical hacking” like other countries due to threats from China and Pakistan. According to the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, a China-based group of hackers had conducted extensive spying operations in India, stealing defence ministry’s confidential documents. Due to the growing incidents of computer systems being hacked, it is inevitable for India to counter these threats by initiating hacking.

According to sources, 40-50 Indian sites are being hacked on a daily basis by Pakistani hackers while about 10 Pakistani sites are being hit by their Indian counterparts. Since cyber crime is on a roll, the government plans to use hackers for their technical expertise to plan offensive against spies and block strikes by breaching the security walls of enemy systems. Cyber experts have been suggesting the need to employ hackers to safeguard India’s networks and ensure that the nation’s systems are secure and foolproof.

Source: India Defence Online

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