India to Buy Javelin from US Through FMS

By admin • August 19th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi — India has expressed its desire to procure the Javelin anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM) from the US along with a transfer of technology.

The Indian Defence Ministry will be issuing a letter of request (LoR) to the US government for the procurement of the third generation Javelin ATGM through the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) route. The US has already showcased the performance of the Javelin ATGM at a recent exercise in central India.

The Javelin ATGM is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance. The system takes a top-attack flight profile against armoured vehicles but can also take a direct-attack mode for use against buildings or fortifications. This ATGM also has the ability to engage helicopters in the direct-attack.

The rising military trade between the US and India is a blow to other traditional defence allies like Russia since more deals are occurring under the American FMS programme without any global multi-vendor competition.

India has had a shortage of ATGM and this 2.5-kilometre range Javelin systems will be bought off-the-shelf and a larger number will be indigenously manufactured under licensed production.

Currently, Indian infantry units possess variants of the second-generation 2-kilometre range Milan and 4-kilometre range Konkurs ATGMs. These have been produced by state-owned Bharat Dynamics Limited under licence from French and Russian firms.

According to sources, the Indian Army possesses less than half the number of ATGM in its inventory than its authorised holding. With about 44,000 ATGMs in its inventory, the Indian Army has been consistently acquiring new ATGMs and also counting on the indigenous third-generation Nag ATGM with a 4 kilometre strike range. After two decades spent in developing the “Nag” ATGM, it is getting ready to enter the production/induction phase.

Source: India Defence Online

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