India to Buy Long Range Radars

By admin • June 17th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi — In order to counter the threat arising from the incoming ballistic missiles and air-borne attacks, India will now be acquiring the latest “X-Band” radars which have a 4,600-kilometre range to pick out missiles and other airborne objects. Each “X-Band” radar is expected to cost roughly $700 million and India may tie-up with the US for the same.

Due to constant threat from neighbouring regions, this X-Band radar will beef up the missile defence capabilities of India and augment India’s hitherto limited capabilities provided by the “Swordfish” radar which can spot objects from about 800 kilometres.

The “X-Band” radars can pick out even a six-inch-wide airborne object from that distance and give the option of retaliation. Hence, India’s long range spotting capacity will allow a reaction time that will be six times quicker the current ability.

The new radars will enable India to view a target, track it down and enable the ground based operator to fire a counter missile and shoot down the incoming enemy missile. The X-Band radars will put China, Pakistan and even parts of Middle East within India’s viewing range.

source: india defence online

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