India – US Relations to Strengthen

By admin • June 2nd, 2010

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The Indo-US Strategic Dialogue this week is seen as a major step towards the increasing significance of India as a global partner for the USA. The discussions this week will highlight the importance of relations between India and the USA, where both countries are expected to discuss issues in 18 key sectors.

Global ties between the two countries have strengthened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being valued as one of President Barack Obama’s most important G20 partner, according to the Secretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns. Burns also stated that India’s involvement in promoting global security is very important as both countries have made the development of counter-terrorism solutions an urgent priority. The USA has indicated they will help India’s internal security such as forensic training and coastal security.

In addition to security, Indo-US Defence relations have been expanding ever since the 2005 framework agreement which this has been a key factor in expanding India’s international security role. The US Military also now conducts more military exercises with India than any other nation. The dialogue will also allow both countries to discuss important policies related to global imports, ways in which they can promote and develop human development, economic and financial situations and financial reforms.

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