Indian Army to Buy China Specific Weaponry

By admin • July 12th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi — In order to beef up the security along the Indo-Chinese border and to keep up with the military advancements of its neighbour, The Indian Defence Ministry has proposed the creation of Mountain Strike Corps and two Independent Brigades.

This military augmentation is significant since this will be India’s fourth Strike Corps and the only one dedicated for offensive operations in mountainous terrain.

Since this development has been kept under wraps, The Indian Army has not disclosed any details of the creation of the new Strike Corp for the mountainous border area. The Indian Army is already in the process of raising two mountain divisions along the border with China and these are separate from the latest proposal of the Strike corps and two independent brigades.

According to sources, the cost of raising such a Strike Corp and Independent Brigades will be around Rs. 9500 crores since it will involve new equipment such as ultra light howitzers and helicopters for creating these highly mobile units.

The units under the Strike Corps will function like rapid reaction forces and will be based in the north-east region of India. The new Strike Corp will have two divisions and other support troops as well. As for the two independent Brigades they are likely to be set up in Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as in Uttarakhand state, thereby strategically placing itself along the border region.

source: India Defence Online

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