Indian Navy Launches Multilateral Exercises

By admin • September 21st, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi — The Indian Navy is currently participating in a trilateral naval exercise as part of the India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime (IBSAMAR 2010) exercise being conducted in the Indian Ocean region off Durban. IBSAMAR is conceptualised by the Joint Work Group for Defence, which is one of 16 Joint Working Groups of the three nations looking into various cooperation initiatives.

This second edition of the IBSAMAR is a two-week nautical exercise which will conclude on September 27th. IBSAMAR is being held around the South African coast and there would be visits to Durban, Cape Town, Simon’s Town and Port Elizabeth as part of the nautical exercise. This maritime exercise involves 11 ships of the navies of South Africa, which is the host country, India which is the lead country and Brazil which is the support country. Four warships including a destroyer and two frigates from the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet are participating in the biennial India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime (IBSAMAR) exercise. These ships include INS Mysore, INS Tabar, INS Ganga and INS Aditya.

The exercises of IBSAMAR 2010 revolve around sharing the most useful and critical practices in various naval operations. Besides the combat manoeuvres of the 11 warships from the three countries, several aircraft and helicopters like the Lynx and the Seakings from India, Brazil and South Africa will also be engaged in the naval exercise.

It may be noted that India is the main planner of this edition of IBSAMAR and this unique strategic exercise will include intensive anti-air and anti-submarine warfare, visit-board-search-seizure operations and anti-piracy drills. Other naval warfare manoeuvres such as fuelling in mid sea will also be conducted.

According to Navy officials, the IBSAMAR exercise aims to develop interoperability among the three navies so that they could carry out joint operations during emergencies and times of need in the high seas.

An Initial Planning Conference for IBSAMAR II was held in Mumbai, India in October 2009 and the Final Planning Conference was held at the Submarine Training School in Simon’s Town on the 6th August 2010 which continued until the commencement of the exercise. The first edition of IBSAMAR took place between in May 2008.

Source: India Defence Online

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