Potential Growth in Indian Strategic Electronics Sector

By admin • March 17th, 2011

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The strategic electronics sector in India, is looking to become one of the larger sectors in India over the next 10 years, as figures estimate potential growth by around Rs 2 lakh crore (US $45 bn), stated by the director of R&D of Bharat Electronics, Mr. I. V. Sharma.

Products in this sector have included includes radars, underwater electronics, communication equipment, electronic warfare equipment, satellite communication and homeland security solutions. Primarily the products are used in the Defence sector, but radars and communication systems have been used for civilian applications.

Sharma presented this information at the 98th Indian Science Congress. He also added that the sector is responsible for 7% of the electronics market in India and that the sector is estimated to grow at an average compound rate of 20%.

The strategic electronics sector is determined by ever changing technology, therefore the R&D investment required is usually high. Sharma then stated that the future of the industry lies with the support of Government-public-partnerships.

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