Government Relations

In the world of Government Affairs, knowledge is power. Staffed by experts, capable of working with every level of the system in India; through direct advocacy, government lobbying, relationship building and strategic counsel, we support clients at every level of India’s Central and State governments, giving access to our extraordinary knowledge of the people, policies and processes of the Indian government.

Public Advocacy & Corporate Affairs

For providing guidance to corporations in structuring their strategies vis-à-vis the maze of procedures for obtaining licenses / statutory approvals, partner management, conflict resolution, crisis management and other diverse corporate issues.

Public Relations

We lay a lot of emphasis on effectively gauging responses to various corporate strategies and situations in India. By managing diverse publics that a corporation encounters, be it the media, pressure groups, consumer groups, competition, opinion leaders or industry associations, Hexxcom negotiates maximum advantage for its clients by helping them communicate more effectively.

Corporate Advisory Services

Identifying and nurturing business opportunities and trends in India, and designing strategies that can harness them to the Clients benefit are the special mandate of this task force. We offer services in all the critical finance and management areas of business such as company formation, corporate finance, HR sourcing, preparation of business plans, business valuations & market assessments, dispute consulting, regulatory compliance and economic consulting services with a focus on increasing client and shareholder value.

Particular strengths lie in the areas of sourcing partners, distributors, agents, products and services… as well as putting together turn-key sales and marketing plans, systems and processes.

Industry Tracking

We provide customized and reliable information, up-to-date with the pulse of the industry and its sub-segments, covering the ground developments and competitor strategies.

News, Research and Analysis

For lending support to corporates in staying ahead of the dynamic Indian environment by providing regular and cutting edge news and information on significant political and business developments. We provide easy-to-comprehend information of the fast changing and complex Indian environment.

Community Development

To effectively do business in India, it is imperative for a company to gain social acceptability by projecting a more caring image than a purely profit motivated one. To help position companies as model corporate citizens and contributing members of the community, we assist clients in working out viable social programs throughout India.

Strategic Partnerships

Over the decades we have worked and formed strategic partnerships with a number of trusted companies to offer services in the areas of: Auditing & Financial Advise, Legal Affairs, Commercial & Residential Property Services, Logistics, Training, Relocation, IT Services, Sourcing and Trading.

Hexxcom Capital Partners

Hexxcom Capital Partners services include:
• Advice on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
• Private placements of debt, equity and similar instruments
• Advice on and structuring of stock exchange listings
• Arrangement of syndicated bank loans
• Private placements of development and venture capital
• Financial advisory services and business development


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