TCS Pitches for Mega Defence Contracts

By admin • August 24th, 2010

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India Defence Online, New Delhi Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a part of the Indian major corporate house Tata Group, has unveiled its plans to pursue two major defence contracts in the country. TCS, along with several other private firms, is keen to bag contracts relating to the defence strategic communication systems which are worth $625 million.

Elaborating on their plans, TCS revealed that they are aiming at contracts for Tactical Communications System and the Defence Communications Network. TCS is already working in tandem with the Indian government and the Armed Forces in programmes relating to the Network Centric Warfare Capability of the country.

The Tactical Communication System is a portable system which can remain mobile all through the war and can stay operational in enemy zone. Its functions include the provision of a support system to the military that will facilitate data communication and transfer operations. It will be a Communication Program linking the theatre and troops on the battlefield and is likely to be completed by 2012.

The primary difference between this system and a cellular phone network is that this system can be installed in high-mobility vehicles which will make them transportable and operational anywhere. The interception of these tactical communication systems is not easy since they keep switching frequencies.

As for the Defence Communications Network, this will be a dedicated optical fibre network, which would focus on the radio spectrum including voice signals in wireless devices. This is essential for the operation of the cellular mobile telephony.

It may be noted that a number of Indian private majors in the IT field like Larsen & Toubro as well as Wipro are aiming to grab these lucrative contracts. According to sources, the contract for Tactical Communications System will be worth around $450 million and Defence Communication Network will be around $180 million.

The Indian government has let the private sector down several times when it comes to sensitive defence projects. Earlier this year, after inviting private companies into the Rs 10,000 crore project for developing the Indian Army’s futuristic Tactical Communications System (TCS), the Defence Ministry abandoned competitive bidding and handed over the project to a defence public sector undertaking, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). The reason given was the critical and sensitive nature of the project and the secrecy needed for its security.

Source: India Defence Online

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